Friours EARTH charter

This is the 7th issue of FRIOUR NETWORK MAGAZINE, a blog publication because of the many contributions of 204 artists worldwide in reaction on the 4 principles of the EARTH CHARTER: respect and care for the community of life / ecological integrity / social and economical justice / democracy, nonviolence and peace.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The EARTH CHARTER contributions installation at the INDEPENDENT ARTS FESTIVAL in St Niklaas, Belgium, which happend the weekend of April 22-23, 2006
Photos: Guido Vermeulen - Reid Wood - Peter Netmail

Table with artist books, zines and poetry contributions. A box contained the postcard contributions and visitors to the festival were invited to go thru the box and return home with one of the postcards, to keep or to mail further on...

Me copying the poem WHERE of Patrick Anderson Mc Quoid, I read later in the night at the Archipel event

When I took the installation down I gave Patrick's poem contribution to Patricia, one of the cultural organizers of the town of St Niklaas